About Us

Welcome to Snack-A-Mole, the subscription box brand that delivers a delicious and exciting snack experience to your doorstep every month!

At Snack-A-Mole, we understand the importance of snacks in our daily lives. They provde us with a much-needed energy boost throughout the day, satisfy our cravings, and even bring people together as you share your favorite discoveries with your friends. That's why we created our subscription box service, to make it easier for you to discover and enjoy a variety of unique and tasty snacks from around the world.

Every month, our team of "Snack Moles" scours the globe to find the most interesting and delicious snacks from different countries and cultures. We even sometimes work with smaller snack makers to bring you snacks that you might not see in your local supermarket!

Whether you're looking for sweet, savory, healthy, or a mixture of everything, we carefully curate our boxes for each customer based on taste preferences. Thanks for considering Snack-A-Mole as your go-to stash for delicious snacks and we look forward to snacking with you!


Whack your cravings away with our curated subscription box of healthy snacks.

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