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Gochujang Beef Jerky (1oz)

Gochujang Beef Jerky (1oz)

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Depth - 0.7". Shelf life - 365 days. I know one thing about being sweet, savory and a tad spicy—everything. What can i say? It’s my multifaceted personality. It’s just who I am, who I’ve always been. From the very beginning. I’m just sweet, savory and spicy: first it starts with my delicious pear puree, then you get my umami side with a savory red miso paste and finished with a gochugaru pepper. But, don’t get it twisted. Even though I’m sweet, savory and spicy, I’m still bold and even quite beefy. Tender, sweet, and totally savory - that’s me. Gochujang Korean style BBQ. Get Out There. Be bold. 100% Grass Fed Beef · No Preservatives · No Added MSG · No Corn Syrup.
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So much value out of this snack box. Fills my snack cravings AND I get to be healthier too.

-Ryan T