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Renewal Mill

Renewal Mill x Miyoko's Creamery Chocolate Chip Cookie

Renewal Mill x Miyoko's Creamery Chocolate Chip Cookie

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This do-gooder little cookie is out to renew your faith in the food system by empowering you to fight both food waste & climate change, one sumptuous bite at a time. Renewal Mill is excited to collaborate with Miyokoʼs Creamery, the worldʼs finest plant milk creamery. When Miyoko's crafts their award-winning vegan butter occasionally a little gets left over to upcycle. So we used it to make this amazing vegan cookie that's Miyoko approved! ✓ Vegan ✓ Gluten-Free ✓ Made with upcycled vegan butter & upcycled okara flour ✓ Single serve cookie for on-the-go snacking ✓ Non-GMO ✓ Soft-baked texture ✓ Chef-crafted in Oakland, CA
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So much value out of this snack box. Fills my snack cravings AND I get to be healthier too.

-Ryan T